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Enterprise risk management can help your organization get where you want it to go while avoiding hazards and shocks along the way. It entails more than balancing risk and reward, and it goes beyond regulatory compliance. It’s about embedding risk management into everyday processes at all levels of the organization in order to truly drive business evolution.


  • Operational Risk

  • Our Operational Risk Management solution reduces an organization's exposure to loss resulting from both internal processes and external events. Operational risk management can significantly reduce operational costs, minimize the costs of compliance and auditing, detect unlawful practices, protect an organization's reputation and brand and reduce liability and risk of directors and shareholders.
    Operational Risk Management addresses both internal and external fraud, employment practices, workplace safety, damage to physical assets, business disruption and system failures, errors and omissions, professional liability, reputation risk and more.


  • Credit Risk

  • Optimizing the risk/reward nature of credit risk requires a complete and accurate view of the risk associated with the counterparty, security, geography and currency. With ERM Credit Risk solution firms can create a global view of credit exposures, credit ratings, and organizational hierarchies.


  • Insurance Risk

    The magnitude of risk and compliance issues insurance companies must respond to grows every day. Emerging risks and new regulations combined with the need to capture, store and analyze increasing amounts of data provides an additional layer of complexity. The challenge of managing existing risk and compliance infrastructures and their supporting technologies is complicated by organizational structures that span several business units or geographies. Without a strategic view of risks, internal processes and customer data, it is difficult to effectively mitigate risk and manage regulatory compliance.

    Insurance risk solutions from BIS combine advanced software offerings with qualified BIS Business Partners applications and the expertise of BIS Services to help reduce the cost and complexity of your current risk and compliance infrastructure. BIS can help your insurance company develop a view of how data will be gathered, enhanced, stored, calculated and reported in a controlled and standardized manner across business lines. Our solutions can help you sense and respond to changes and threats intuitively, moving your business from reactive protection mode to proactive value creation.

    Insurance risk and compliance solutions from BIS are designed to go beyond meeting business and operational challenges. BIS solutions can help companies find ways of generating business value from their risk and compliance infrastructure investments by:

    • Making risk management and compliance, a more-pervasive, integrated part of day-to-day business management
    • Utilizing information assets to help sustain a competitive advantage.
    • Leveraging regulatory mandates or requirements to spark change which results in business process improvement and business transformation.

  • Interest Rate Risk

    BIS’s Interest Rate Risk management solution helps you measure your exposure – in income and value terms – to the different sources of interest rate risk. These include re-pricing risk arising from the underlying re-pricing mismatch between assets and liabilities; yield curve slope risk, basis risk arising from non-correlated movements in rates and indices, and embedded optionality arising from customer or counter party behavior.

    • Market standard and proprietary yield curve smoothing techniques.
    • Multiple term structure models to forecast the evolution of interest rates and yield curves.
    • Unlimited formula-driven rate indices to support the modeling of discrete rates such as base/prime or internally administered rates such as savings rates.
    • Deterministic or stochastic generated scenarios


  • Market Risk

    Your organization faces market risk every day. Changes in foreign exchange rates, interest rates, stocks and commodity prices make you vulnerable to financial loss. As a result, uncertainty surrounds your future earnings, cash flows and the fair market values of your assets and liabilities.

    BIS offers a way for you to manage these uncertainties and gain insights that can lead to successful hedging strategies and the use of derivative instruments.

    BIS’s market risk management gives you the power to bring together information from across your organization, combine different instrument types into one portfolio, perform scenario and stress tests, calculate at-risk measures and deliver customized reporting back to a user.


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