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Corporate Performance Management (CPM) helps companies to identify and address areas of their business that are performing well and those that are not. Accurate, Actionable, Accessible profit information is a key component of any Executive Dashboard.

Only BIS's Performance Management Solutions provides accurate transaction level profitability information with a solution that offers rules-based enterprise wide access and is the foundation of a quantifiably successful Corporate Performance Management solution. The key is the accuracy, enterprise-wide accessibility and usability of the Performance Measurement data. Because BIS’s Performance Measurement solution provides accurate transaction level profitability information by customer, order, product, supplier, facility, business process or any other resource you want profit data from.

Activity Based Management (ABM)

Today, activity-based costing and management is widely adopted because it provides a more complete picture of the profits and costs of doing business than traditional cost accounting. Understanding true product profitability, customer profitability or customer life time value in any industry fundamentally requires ABM. However, traditional ABM solutions, mainly focused on modeling, do not offer integrated capabilities in data management, reporting and analysis for a successful ABM implementation. BIS is the only ABM vendor with an end-to-end solution that combines integrated data management, business modeling, reporting and analysis all on one platform.

More than any other costing solution, BIS Activity-Based Management:

  • Supports all activity-based costing methodologies to best meet your business needs.
  • Offers a highly visual, flexible and multidimensional modeling environment with a point-and-click graphical user interface.
  • Leverages web-based reporting and analysis to enable cost, process and profitability intelligence to be quickly shared across the organization.
  • Provides a complete and integrated data management solution with data access engines and data transformation capabilities required for successful ABM implementation.

BIS Activity-Based Management solutions enable strategic and operational decisions that maximize profit, reduce costs and streamline processes by determining the cost of those processes and the profitability of products, customers and business segments. Specifically, with BIS Activity-Based Management, organizations across industries can:

  • Gain insights about the true profitability of products and business units
  • Manage process costs by understanding business activities and cost drivers
  • Identify and predict capacity or resource requirements

Asset and Liability Management (ALM)

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is the process of ensuring a bank or credit union remains financially viable through adequate capital, stable earnings, and sufficient liquidity.  Asset Liability Management (ALM) compares the re-pricing characteristics of assets and liabilities in the context of the entire balance sheet.  Included in this analysis is the amount each rate will change. 
As an Asset Liability Management advisor, BIS Asset Liability Management (ALM) solutions were designed to promote the financial stability of banks and credit unions.  We provide reports that value Asset and Liability Management in financial institutions.
Asset Liability Management (ALM) is used to monitor financial institution's risk and provide board members with valuable information on the financial institution's market position.  Asset Liability Management (ALM) is an important tool for proper bank financial management.  To have an effective Asset Liability Management (ALM) policy, a financial institution must determine their:

  • Acceptable levels of risk
  • Change of income
  • Change of equity
  • Necessary actions to take to help them achieve their goals. 

Our Asset Liability Management (ALM) solutions provide bank and credit union professionals with the information necessary to make the most informed decisions and add income to their financial institution's bottom line.

  • Our Asset Liability Management (ALM) reports surpass all regulatory requirements.
  • We provide quarterly or monthly Asset Liability Management (ALM) reports and meetings.
  • Our Asset Liability Management (ALM) reports are formatted for all levels of management and are a beneficial tool for modelling the financial institution in many different interest rate scenarios. 

Fund Transfer Pricing (FTP)

It is critical for any financial institution to understand the rewards earned for given levels of risk taken. It is also critical to understand the relative contribution made by each business unit, by each product and by each customer relationship.

Funds transfer pricing (FTP) allows a cost of funds (assets) or value of funds (liabilities) to be assigned to every transaction making up the balance sheet. It decomposes the interest margin into a credit spread, a funding spread and a rate risk spread. From a profitability / performance measurement perspective, BIS provides sophisticated solutions that determine the cost and value of funds on an economic basis, reflecting market rates, liquidity premiums, credit ratings, prepayment behaviour and the underlying cash flow characteristics of a transaction.

From an ALM or risk management perspective, simulating the components of future margins under different economic and rate scenarios helps the funding centre(s) determine hedging strategies and the business units / product managers to remove the movement of market rates from their income forecasts.

Business Intelligence

BIS business intelligence solutions deliver the information that drives better business decisions to improve your organization's performance. It helps you:

Leverage your existing data investment—BI takes the volume of data your organization collects and stores, and turns it into meaningful reports and analysis that everyone can use.

Understand the why behind results—See information across departments and drill down to discover the underlying causes of how you're performing.
Align everyone with one, reliable version of business issues—with common data definitions and understanding of priorities, you will spend less time debating the data and more time deciding what to do.

Shorten the time to make the right decision—Timely reports and self-service reporting let you see changes when they happen and make the right decisions at the right time.

Meet the information needs of all users—flexible, user-friendly reporting means everyone can have the right information delivered in the right way.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

BIS Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting is a comprehensive solution that drives Finance processes as well as a wide range of operational planning processes, from a single repository of accurate information throughout the enterprise. Powerful workflow functionality empowers users to track and communicate the progress of their plans and budgets, supported by the use of email notifications and alerts. Flexible rolling forecasts, using real-time information, provide greater visibility into future operating performance. BIS's solution tracks business plans, budgets, and forecasts to strategic objectives, operational goals, and targets. Our modeling engine, inherent in our technology platform, enables essential data to be calculated in limitless business scenarios.

BIS Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting provide the following advantages:

  • Highly sophisticated modeling capabilities allow you to create, analyze, and assess business rules and what-if scenarios within your planning process to help drive your strategic goals.
  • An innovative, highly scalable and secure technology architecture supports tens to thousands of users throughout an organization with virtually no impact on software performance.
  • All data, business rules, and key drivers are integrated into a single repository of accurate information that can be accessed easily by all employees involved in the process.
  • Finance employees can shift their focus from data collection to meaningful data analysis.
  • A single repository of financial truth gives users a unified, consistent view of plans, budgets, and forecasts, empowering debates on business decisions rather than data accuracy.





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