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Growth in financial services is being bolstered by the opportunities of demography, rising markets and ever more pioneering products and services. Yet, organizations also face the challenges of escalating opposition, more compound regulation and ever more exacting customer prospect. Effective development strategies are therefore likely to cut across all operating processes and functional limits. Key priorities comprise ensuring that the business model takes filled account of customers' requirements, tax, financial and regulatory considerations and the organization's capability to modify the way it does business. In turn, the objectives and criteria for achievement need to be clearly measured.

BIS can end the disconnection. Our web-based, integrated solution incorporates service-oriented architecture capabilities to make financial services companies more agile, efficient, and responsive to the needs of customers, regulators, and shareholders. It enables you to integrate disparate internal and external systems and re-engineer business processes. This improves information flow within your company and with customers, the international financial infrastructure, and other trading partners. You’ll benefit from more satisfied customers who buy more services and more satisfied stakeholders who appreciate your company’s cost control, and more confident regulators who trust your ability to meet all key compliance requirements.