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Apparel companies around the globe are facing multiple challenges such as stagnant sales, fickle customer demand, daunting competition, increasingly complex supply chains, information issues etc. Critical changes in the International Trade scenario (phase out of the quota system) have presented the apparel companies with a challenge to rethink their sourcing strategies. Garnering higher efficiencies in the processes and practices within the apparel industry have led them to harness Information technology for improvement. The companies endeavour to improve efficiencies and effectiveness with the help of information technology solutions, which offers plenty of solutions specifically targeting pain areas. Thus the IT product design, development and implementation require much higher levels of domain knowledge and expertise.

BIS has attained industry expertise by working with the leading apparel makers. Its solutions are catered to address the specific problems facing them today; the solutions offered breach the length and breadth of the value chain, thereby delivering results, efficiencies and savings. Today apparel makers, have to redefine their systems and processes, or cut costs across value chain.