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In the current business environment that demands doing more with less, financial executives are especially challenged from two directions: Streamlining their own organizations; making them more efficient, and often more strategic, without sacrificing the critical business functions required of them. To meet your business challenges, it's important for you to work with a different kind of solution provider, one that has enough focus and expertise in your industry to understand your problems, along with enough commitment, scale, and financial stability to help you solve them and be more enterprising.

BIS is successfully helping many customers around the world address these issues. We deliver proven business-specific solutions that address the unique processes, regulatory requirements, and trading environments of our customers in a wide range of manufacturing, distribution, and services industries. In every industry we serve, BIS has domain experts who understand the productivity challenges you face. To implement the right solutions for your business, our team of industry experts has access to functionally rich business software solutions including customer relationship management, supply chain management, human resource management, and more that come with the industry best practices and specific capabilities you need already built in. As a result, you get a fast start to solving your problems and realizing a return on your investment, as well as low total cost of ownership for the long term.