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- What we do
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- Our Core Strength
- Message from President

As business technology solution providers, we align our clients’ business processes and information systems to give the management, access to all the information they need to support business decision making. We do this by understanding the industry, mission critical business issues and technology. From this unique perspective we can design the strategies and solutions that work. Our approach provides:

  • Management with key insights for top level decision making without losing important details
  • Standardized reference data across applications to ensure consistency
  • Strong core competency in both transactional and analytical applications

Since our primary business strength lies in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM), we are instrumental in helping corporations:

  • Increase profitability
  • Address compliance and governance issues
  • Support strategic planning
  • Manage enterprise-wide risk and allocate resources strategically

As a global enterprise applications provider we design and develop software solutions to address the need for Banking, Insurance and Financial industries. Our products aim at

  • Achieving Straight Through Processing (STP) in the global securities market
  • Managing complete trade lifecycle from front office to back office systems
  • Managing risk elements in securities operations
  • Rule Building for consistent accounting rules and policies
  • Reconciling financial data for enabling better control on assets and cash

At BIS we constantly endeavor to meeting industry challenges. We are committed to provide highly effective and scalable solutions for your business. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Krishna Ghanta