Corporate Objective

- Overview
- Vision
- What we do
- Corporate Objectives
- Our Comittment
- Our Values
- Our Core Strength
- Message from President

Create Meaning
To provide business technology products, services and solutions of the highest quality, create meaning and deliver more value to our customers that help them better their business and help us earn their respect and loyalty.

Market Leadership
To grow by continually providing useful and significant business technology services and solutions to markets we already serve and to expand into the new areas that build on our technologies, competencies and customer interest.

To view change in market as an opportunity to grow; to use our intellectual ability to develop and deliver innovative business technology applications and solutions that satisfy growing global customer needs.

Employee Commitment
To help BIS employees share the company’s success that they make possible; to provide people with employment opportunities based on performance; to create a safe and exciting work environment that values their diversity and recognizes individual contribution; and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.

Develop Leadership
To develop leaders at every level who are accountable for achieving business results and exemplifying our values.

To achieve sufficient profit to finance our company growth, create value for our stakeholders and provide the resources we need to achieve our other corporate objectives.


Corporate Objectives